Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Bosom Buddies Are Back

Carol took this photo of Matthew and Alex at the tree fort at Camp Medeba just before we left to come home.

I stayed in the car, exhausted from carrying one shoulder bag of "stuff" and two full, heavy, green garbage bags filled with wet, dirty clothes. Almost got a hernia.

The important thing is that the guys had a great time they always do. This is their third year at Medeba and they said it was their best.

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  1. Ha!! I just bet the heavy stuff you were carrying was a few cameras. My stuff that I carried onto the plane when I went out west was mostly camera stuff! Two or three dresses was enough for me. The camera stuff was far more important!!
    By the way David Fisher, you never did tell me if you got those pictures I sent to you of those two Ontario people who were trying to be "Manitoba Gophers" like the rest of us out west!!..From Terry