Friday, May 20, 2005


Today I went to a Garage Sale put on by a Christian Day Camp close to Peterborough. The sale is a fund-raiser for the camp and is held the same weekend every spring. This evening I came home with several boxfuls of treasures. I was like a kid in a candy shop, spending less than $50.00 for a selection of books that I would have to pay 10 times that much for. One book alone, Explore the Book by J. Sidlow Baxter would have cost me close to $50.00. I'm still smiling from ear to ear, excited about the additions to my library.

One of the books is entitled Wings and it's a daily devotional book by Jill Briscoe, an excellent writer. She begins the book with the following poem. She echoes the prayer of my heart as I continue to send out encouraging cards and letters through Epistle Sports Ministries. My Pilgrim Scribblings are also published to my web site with the prayer that God will use them to bless and encourage my readers. May the Lord bless you this weekend and give you a real sense of His presence.


"Give my words wings, Lord.
May they alight gently on the branches of men's minds
Bending them to the winds of Your will.
May they fly high enough to touch the lofty,
Low enough to breathe the breath
Of sweet encouragement upon the downcast soul.

Give my words wings, Lord.
May they fly swift and far,
Winning the race with the words of the worldly wise,
To the heart of men.

Give my words wings, Lord.
See them now nesting -
Down at Thy feet.
Silenced into ecstasy,
Home at last."

- Jill Briscoe

"The Lord God has given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. He awakens me morning by morning, He awakens my ear to hear as the learned."

- Isaiah 50:4

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  1. David,
    He does give your words wings. Blessings to you my friend.