Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Matthew's House

Our son Matthew asked me to put his masterpiece on my web site. How could I say "no"? Now you know what our home, our yard, our cat and the surrundings look like. Sad to say, he didn't include me in the picture. Maybe that's me at the left of the house.

Michaelangelo or Matthew?

The elders at our church have asked him to paint something on the ceiling of the chapel? I'll send along a photo when it's done. Ha! Ha!


  1. That's the best kind of 'work of art' there is! I think Michelangelo would agree!

  2. Question for you... How do you post your picture right in the body of your blog? I always go through 'Hello' and it posts it seperately. I would love to have my text wrap around my images and include them all in one blog instead of always having 2, an image and a message.