Sunday, May 01, 2005

His Embrace

Recently we watched a brief video clip during a morning service at our church. A young man had set out on a hike around a lake carrying his 1-year-old son in a harness on his back . When they were halfway through their trek it started to rain and soon there was a full-blown thunderstorm. The little boy was crying and worried as the loving father took him in his arms and tried to comfort him. The most important thing on the father's mind was to carry his son home to safety. The father repeatedly whispered to his son that he loved him and that things would be alright. The child didn't fully undertand and was still fearful about the storm.

I think you already get the application. In the storms of life our loving, heavenly Father desires to carry us safely to our destination. Often we reject His overtures towards us and complain about the circumstances instead of falling back into His embrace and letting Him bring us home.

As I watched the clip the following thought came to mind:

"Your grip of grace,
Your warm embrace;
You know the way
On a rainy day.
I'll trust in You
You'll see me through,
No more to roam
You'll lead me home.
And now I see,
You'll carry me."

- David W. Fisher

Rest in our loving Father's warm embrace today and let Him lead you home.


  1. wonderful little poem the Lord gave you! thoroughly enjoyed it ...

  2. That was really comforting to read David. Thank you for sharing and for encouraging me. Your comments on my blog came just at the right moment. God Bless, brother.