Sunday, May 08, 2005

More Thoughts on Mother

Mother of My Heart


You have been mommy, mom and now
“mother” to me. I pray that I will never
take for granted the blessing of having
a godly mother. So many others have lost
their “mother” recently. I want to enjoy you
and honour you while I have the opportunity.
Therefore, I will continue to refer to you as
“mother” because you are everything that a
true “mother” should be. You gave me a safe,
loving home and then introduced me to the One
who is preparing a heavenly home. You took
me to church rather than sending me. You
led by example and gave me all the tools
to become a follower of Jesus. When
you had lots to criticize me for, you
loved me unconditionally instead.
Now it’s my pleasure to "rise
up and call you blessed”.
Lots of love! - David

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  1. Thank you for sharing that David. Praise the Lord for Mothers who love him and raise their children in the way they should go.