Monday, May 30, 2005

Keep Me Still

One of the treasures I picked up recently at a garage sale is a book by V. Raymond Edman entitled "Storms and Starlight". What a gem of a book! At one time Edman was the President of Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. He has been "home" for many years and died while preaching in the pulpit.

The following poem was written by an unknown author but it was written for me, I'm sure. It's just one of many great poems including in the book:

Keep Me Still

Lord, keep me still,
Though stormy winds may blow,
And waves my little bark may overflow,
Or even if in darkness I must go,
Yet keep me still, yes keep me still.

Lord, keep me still;
The waves are in Thy hand,
The roughest winds subside at Thy command,
Steer Thou my bark in safety to the land,
And keep me still, and keep me still.

- Author Unknown

He Speaks Peace to Your Storm

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  1. Another great and encouraging poem David! How true that something written long ago by an anonymous voice can seem to reach forward into this century and touch us as if the author new that today, we would need to read those words! Amazing! But then, of course, God new when He laid those words on that persons heart that we would need to hear them!