Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Grandpa David

Here's a more recent photo of Grandpa David with Tim (our son) and Nicole's children.

Carissa, Grandpa David, Josiah and Daynica (the one with the sign)

It's fun being a grandpa! We have nine grandchildren now. I'm getting old, I guess!

P. S. I've already received a number of positive comments about this photo. The smiles on my grandkid's faces brought smiles to our reader's faces. They didn't say anything about "the old guy in the middle" though.


  1. What a joyful photo! A person can't help but smile when he/she looks at all those happy faces. Thanks for sharing this with us! God bless... Debra

  2. it is definitely a smile maker! you all look so happy ...

    i won't get a chance to read your longer post tonight ... (i was in the city, so it was a long day and it's time to crash soon!) ... but i enjoyed the walk down your memory lane! Leo and i have those kinds of pics too ... :o)

  3. I think Grandpa David is happy and full of godly wisdom. Just as you were blessed with godly parents, those little ones are also blessed. Mitzi