Sunday, May 15, 2005

Blogging Friends

How does someone get in touch with the biographer of one of his favorite authors, touch base with someone who was mentored by an expository preacher who I've respected for years or someone who has been associated with one of the most beloved pastors in American? By mentioning these men, J. Sidlow Baxter, Stephen Olford and Adrian Rogers in my blog, Pilgrim Scribbings.

Stephen Olford Preaching

Here's the story:

Recently an author was doing a Google search for one of my favorite preachers from the past, J. Sidlow Baxter. As Baxter is mentioned in my profile (see above) this writer came across my blog in his search. He noticed that I had mentioned three men that he was close to, Baxter, Stephen Olford and Adrian Rogers. The author thought I might enjoyed a recently published biography of Baxter and wrote to tell me about the book. He never once mentioned that he, himself, was the author. I recognized his name though because I had purchased the book, a biography of Baxter entitled "A Heart Awake".

A Heart Awake

I wrote him back to tell him that I had the book and that I recognized his name (E. A. Johnston) as being the author. Now we are e-mail buddies. Stephen Olford was his mentor until he (Olford) was called home and Adrian Rogers pastored Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN until his recent retirement. I know the lady who furnished some of the photos for the book, Clara Caddell, who attends The Peoples Church in Toronto (where I often heard Dr. Baxter preach).

Adrian Rogers

Small word eh! Thanks, E. A. (Ernest), for your labor of love in penning this excellent bio of one of my favorite preachers from a bygone era! Thanks, too, for e-mailing me to tell me about the book!

For those who have enjoyed J. Sidlow Baxter's ministry over the years, why not order the book from your local Christian bookstore. It is published by Baker Books.

J. Sidlow Baxter, A Heart Awake: The Authorized Biography by Ernest Johnston, E. A. JOHNSTON
Publisher: Baker Books ISBN: 0801012740

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