Sunday, May 01, 2005

5 Months, 5,000 Visitors

On November 27th, 2004 I posted my first article on the Pilgrim Scribblings blog. It was entitled Noisy Restaurants and chronicled an encounter with some Christian Horizons staff and individuals in an Elmira, ON restaurant (check the November archives to the left).

Now, 5 months later, I'm writing this note from a Christian Horizons home where I'm employed. Who would have thought 5 months ago that I'd be here? Not me!

Also, who would have thought that I'd be maintaining this Pilgrim Scribblings site 5 months later, enjoying every minute of it (except when things break down like they did this week).

Five months and 5,000 visitors later I'm grateful to a faithful God for this small opportunity to impact lives in a positive, eternal manner.

Thanks for your encouragement, friends! Thanks to my fellow "bloggers" who have paved the way and blazed a trail.

May Jesus Christ be praised!

P. S. Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated! Go ahead, let me know that you paid me a visit. Come back again soon!


  1. Hey David;
    I am one of the many who find a great deal of pleasure in checking your site on a regular basis. Aside from the novelty of actually knowing someone who has a Blog, I visit the site for the inspiration and encouragement it provides. You are a true "Barnabas" - a genuine encourager - in cyberspace and in person! Keep up the great blogging!

  2. i've been a blogger for a month longer than you have, David ... and it has just blessed my heart too ... and keeps me accountable and thinking on Jesus, the Author and finisher of my faith ... :)