Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Church on Legs

This morning I called my mentor, Paul Collet, on my way to the ballpark in Toronto. Something in our conversation reminded me of a humorous note I received from a public school student a number of years ago. I had been asked by a Christian teacher to come to a school in Toronto to speak to the students about my work with professional athletes and, in particular, the Toronto Blue Jays.

I told them that, in reality, I am taking Jesus to the ballpark each Sunday because the ballplayers can't get to a regular Sunday service at a local church.

After my visit the teacher had asked her students to each send a note of encouragement to me. In one of those notes the young girl who wrote it referred to me as "a church on legs". I've often thought back to that note. There's a lot of truth in those words when you realize that I'm 6' 5" tall and I "do" take "church" to the ballpark.

Of all the names I could be called, I think "a church on legs" is a real compliment. Are you taking the "good news" of Jesus' love with you wherever you go? I hope so!

A Church on Legs ???

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