Monday, May 16, 2005

Determine the Difference

As you can see from my profile (above) James MacDonald is one of my favorite preachers. This morning I caught a few minutes of his "Walk in the Word" broadcast as I was driving. Not being able to write down his actual words, I think I captured the essence of what he was trying to drive home. It just "happens" that the four main words (my words) begin with the letter "D"... for you preachers out there.

MacDonald's point was that we need to have discernment so we can determine the difference between personal preference and right and wrong. He mentioned the ongoing church squabbles about music tastes and styles of worship. How many churches have been tragically divided over this issue? Far too many!

Music preferences have been a touchy subject throughout church history. When Ira Sankey, D. L. Moody's song leader in his crusades, tried to introduce hymns into evangelistic services he met with much opposition. Now, when many churches are gradually removing those same hymns, there is an uproar from some quarters. My personal preference? I'm an 80-20 guy. 80% hymns with a few biblical, well-written worship choruses thrown in. But that is personal preference. Is there a right or wrong? I'm not 100% sure but until then I will pray for God's Holy Spirit to enable me to "develop the discernment to determine the difference between personal preference and right or wrong". I trust that you will do the same...for the health of His Body, the Church.

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