Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Our Inner Room

Another great note from my blogging friend, David Barnett. Check out his site at:

What are you listening to?

"Listening to the voice of love requires that we direct our minds and hearts toward that voice with all our attention. How can we do that? The most fruitful way--in my experience--is to take a simple prayer, a sentence, or a word, and slowly repeat it. We can use the Lord's Prayer, the Jesus Prayer, the name of Jesus, or any word that reminds us of God's love and put it in the center of our inner room, like a candle in a dark space." - Henri Nouwen

I have done this in the past with the word - Abba. This helps me think of God as a loving father who loves me unconditionally. This also brings to my mind the picture of a father holding his son with his large hands, very tenderly and lovingly. The son is secure, safe, and loved. I haven't been listening lately to the voice of love. The sound track I have been playing recently in my mind has been one of self criticism and regret. It is time to start listening to the voice of love. "Whatever is lovely....think about these things."

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