Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Woman's Brain Found...Empty

Wow! Just when I was about to lose my mind/brain, one of my understudies found hers. Elizabeth Natalie found her brain buried at the bottom of her Cedar Chest. Her last post was on June 16th. Now, two months later, she is up and running again. Hallelujah!

Elizabeth Natalie's resurrection must have taken place this afternoon. We were both at a funeral. EN was the special soloist and she sang incredibly well. Following the funeral I commended her for singing with such anointing. Then I lit into her about her absent bloggedness. She must have gone home and looked for her brain.

Earlier Brodie got back on his horse after dismounting ages ago. He actually posted something on August 10th after being silent since July 9th (my birthday). Way to go, Brodie. Check out Hope of His Calling.

Now I feel that my life is back on track. The two special friends I've been mentoring in the art of blogging have fired up their engines.

Here's what Elizabeth Natalie posted concerning her disappearing brain:

This summer I’ve been useless
At posting on my blog
I tried to think of something
But my mind was in a fog

Perhaps one night past midnight
When no one was around
My computer stole my brain
Since it was no where to be found

I thought I had been spending
Too much time before the screen
And then it finally happened
I was no where to be seen

My computer stole my brain
Yes, honestly its true
I pressed CONTROL and ENTER
And it slipped into the blue......

Good-bye to creativity
The thought now makes me squirm
My brain had caught a virus
And been eaten by a worm

I searched through the recycle bin
And files of every kind
I even used the Internet
My brain was not on-line.

I finally sent an e-mail
‘Please Help Me Find My Brain’
In final desperation
Before I went insane

Next thing I checked my IN BOX
And in the greatest glee
I found that my creative side
Had been sent back to me

I copied, scanned, and pasted it
Right back into my brain
My fingers started typing
andI am writing once again.

- Natalie Elizabeth - August 16/06

Note: That's Elizabeth Natalie and her husband Liver Lips in the photo.


  1. They sure are a cute couple David...Glad you didn't give up on them!!
    What a great poem!!!

    Speaking of couples...EVERYBODY...It is Saija and her sweetheart's anniversary tommorrow...32 years!!!...from Terry

  2. Thanks for the compliment Terry, not sure how complimentary the 'Liver Lips' nickname is, but it could be worse. Big Al (I meand David), those nicknames go WAAAAYYY back to before I was in the picture! Glad you haven't tried to peg me with a permanent nickname yet, and thanks for not giving up on us. Your friend, E. Natalie.