Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Missing Jewel

The renowned writer/preacher, Dr. A. W. Tozer, wrote a searing indictment of Christians entitled, "WORSHIP, the Missing Jewel of the Evangelical Church."

John MacArthur refers to worship as the believer's "ultimate priority".

Tozer goes on to say, “In the majority of our meetings there is…
- scarcely a trace of reverent thought
- no recognition of the unity of the Body
- little sense of the “Divine Presence”
- no moment of stillness
- no solemnity
- no wonder

- no holy fear

So how do you feel about his assessment? Is he "right on" or was he exaggerating?

Personally, I feel that I've lost much of the sense of awe and wonder that I once had. Worship at times has become too commonplace thus making it counterfeit and without value. Jesus is desirous of "true worshipers" who worship Him in Spirit and in truth". (John 4)
This week I penned a few lines as I lamented the lack of awe and wonder in my own experience:

“Lost in wonder, awe and beauty
While upon Your face we gaze;
May the glory of Your presence
Draw from us a song of praise.

Waiting here in solemn stillness
As your people seek Your face;
Quiet, reverent, sober, resting
In the warmth of Your embrace.”

My prayer is that I (and all the Body of Christ) would rediscover the missing jewel of worship and, as Ravi Zacharias writes in a recent book, Recapture the Wonder.

May it be so for His name's sake! AMEN!


  1. Yes David, I agree with his comments. I have been in many churches where "worship" is almost rigidly planned and controlled, and certainly not joyful as it should be. Even sadder than this is that I think many people think that worship only takes place on Sunday mornings in church!

    Worship takes place in different forms...I don't believe it is just singing some songs. The praises of our lips, both in song and word, being still in the presence of the Lord and seeking out His plan in prayer and study are all forms of worship.

    He wants us to adore Him and tell Him that we love Him...what more could a parent want from their child?

    Great post, as usual!


  2. Dear David..
    I agree with both you and Julie.

    Although the woship was sweet and sincere at the breaking of bread yesterday morning, and the songs of praise were beautiful the fault laid in myself as I found my mind wandering to other things throughout the meeting.
    I find it really hard sometimes to capture my thoughts amd pay attention to thanking the Father for His Son as I should be for all that He has done for me...
    I find I surely lack in heart's appreciation and render unto Him Him only just lip service....from Terry