Sunday, August 06, 2006

Big Fish's Friend's Big Fish

Here's a shot of my friend Derry O'Byrne with the Big Fish he recently caught.

He had better luck hooking that one that he has had getting me to commit to a breakfast date in recent weeks. We are accountability partners but we seem to be going in opposite directions all the time.

Maybe next week Derry!

Note: I was having trouble downloading this picture onto my blog so I took a photo of my computer with Derry's Big Fish being my background. That explains the lack of clarity.

Derry isn't really that "fuzzy"!

P. S. There...I tried downloading the photo again and Derry and the Big Fish appeared...clear and sharp!

Now if only Derry could teach this ol' pilgrim (I'm not a fisherman, just a fisher of men) how to catch a fish like that.

1 comment:

  1. Ha!! David you know the same tricks as I do! Taking a picture of a picture.. So neat and you did a good job here!!

    I never even noticed the picture was fuzzy until you pointed it out to us.

    The first thing I saw was the nice smile on your friends' face and you kow what David, I don't think HE would notice any fuzziness either..His eyes would be glued on to that big fish!!!...From Terry