Thursday, August 24, 2006

True Consolation

Thank you Saija for this reminder of God's wonderful provision.

God gives joyous consolation in the midst of our anxious moments.

Our loving Father's support during our trials is immeasurably meaningful!

"Thank you Father for undergirding Your children during the storms of life. Teach us to truly hand our anxieties over to You, knowing that You care for us far more than we could possibly imagine. We pray through Your Son Jesus. AMEN!"


  1. Amen David!

    It is so easy to forget in the midst of a trial that God loves us and is taking care of us (even better than we could ever hope to take care of oursleves!). If only we could remember more to lean on Him and not our own understanding!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Dear David...
    Finally figured it out..After more than an hour!
    I want to thank you for putting Holly's picture in.
    She has such a nice smile on her face.
    She is a beautiful girl!!
    That Nathan sounds like a real sweetheart too!!...from Terry

  3. For sure and I figured out how to put a comment in and THEN I replied to the wrong one..Oh well the comment above can go into the blog posting above!!!...From Terry