Monday, August 14, 2006

Laughing At Ourselves

Click on the following link if you feel you can laugh at yourself. Those who found themselves or continue to worship in a Plymouth Brethren (small "b", please) assembly will find this amusing or will be downright perturbed and angry with it.

Are you curious? Willing to step out and take a chance? Can you laugh hysterically at yourself? Well go ahead and CLICK. (When you get to this site, click on the words, "Here is a flash cartoon". Click on the other links if you're curious. Be prepared though!)

When the narration stops, click on the "continued" link on the right side of the screen.

Any comments?

P. S. Do you recognize the pictured man? He is John Nelson Darby or JND as the early "brethren" called him. He is held up as the founder of the "brethren movement".


  1. Dear David... I think that Bernie must be thinking his wife is going crazy as she sits here laughing her head off at this site that you directed us to...

    Good thing he and the cat are both sound asleep!!

    This is way to funny!!

    I mean when those guys with their hitting each with the Bible...This has brought back to my memory that one time in Brandon during Sunday School, I won the Bible drill and went!!! to my brother, Teddy, and it made him so mad that he threw hs Bible at me and it whizzed right past my head and hit the window on the other side.
    I guess Marion Ronald must of been right when she said, The Golden children were my training ground for the mission field"...[in Africa]...

    As far as the other "noises" in this short film David, I remember Mr. Ritchie getting after my brother, Gary for such a performance and he said once to him during the Sunday School class..." One more like that Gary, and you're out of here!"
    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    I better say "good night" or rather "good morning" and get a little shut eye!!.....from Terry

    I think if anything David, this site is really going to make that Saija laugh!!!
    She needs a good laugh!!

  2. Hey David, thanks for featuring the Wikkid site! I thought it was hilarious....sad, but hilarious

  3. This was absolutely hilarious and yet not. It's amazing how many groups can identify with this commentary.

    I love the question, though, of when there is a split in the church which side is God on.