Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Confusing Road Kill

Recently the passenger in my car showed her compassionate side when she exclaimed, "Oh, that poor squirrel!" As we got closer I said, "it's O.K., it's not a dead squirrel, it's someone's sandal."

I hesitate to name my passenger because it was a member of the opposite sex and it was NOT Carol. I also hesitate to name her because I don't want to embarrass her. I'll just say that this special lady has known me for 61 years and was the first to welcome me into this world.

Poor mom! I never let her forget these little boo boo's. Aren't I mean!

Yesterday her border, my friend Paul Mackay, asked mom if she had seen any dead sandals lately. Of course I put him up to it.

Reminds me of Rodney Griffin's song, "Don't Let the Sandals Fool Ya, Brother".

Next time we're out for a drive, don't let the sandals fool ya, mother!

Seen any good road kill lately? Any dead shoes or sandals?

1 comment:

  1. Oh David...Now that Brodie is off the hook[I mean you "sort of" aplogized to him for your being so mean!] is it your poor mom's turn to get teased?? NOT nice!!....from Terry