Friday, August 11, 2006


When I recently posted the picture of Derry O'Byrne with his Big Fish I thought of this previous Pilgrim Scribblings post from November 2005. Deborah never did respond and offer a comment. Maybe she will this time.

Gone fishing lately? I mean the "fishers of men" kind of fishing. Be sensitive opportunities that arise daily. Follow the Spirit's leading and you'll have a stringer full of fish before you know it.

Here's that "post" from the archives:

Yesterday one of my partners in ministry at Christian Horizons told me that I was in trouble. I don't recall the actual words that Deborah used but she quickly allayed (is that a word?) my fears by telling me that I had got her "hooked" on reading Pilgrim Scribblings and the blogs of my friends. That's why the "Fish" writes these daily "posts" get others "hooked".

Now I just have to convince Deborah to resurrect her own blog! I'm patiently waiting, my friend!

Have a great day and don't forget to enjoy the "Quiet"!

P. S. Now I just have to convince Deborah to leave a "comment" after reading this.

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  1. Hello-

    Just wanted to say that it is indeed very easy to get hooked on your blog! I read it every chance I get, and the Lord really does work in mysterious ways because I often read about something I was just wondering or thinking about. Continue the great work, and always remember that there are people out there who really enjoy your work. I will try to post when I can, now that I have an account!

    God Bless.