Saturday, August 26, 2006

Beilgard's Brewers

This morning I flew back from Milwaukee, WI after spending a couple of great days there with some good friends.

I arrived early enough on Tuesday evening to catch most of the Brewers/Rockies ballgame and then visited with Gabe & Kelly Gross briefly after the game.

On Wednesday morning I had breakfast with Wayne Beilgard, the Baseball Chapel leader for the Milwaukee Brewers. In addition to his responsibilities with the ballclub, Wayne stays in touch with the other 29 major league chapel leaders, encouraging them and providing liaison between them and the President, Vince Nauss. It was great to spend time with "Wayno" as he calls himself.

Gabe & Kelly invited me for lunch at The Original Pancake House in Brookfield, WI. What a meal! I'll post a photo of them outside the restaurant as soon as I get it formatted properly.

Miller Park, the Brewers' ballpark is a great stadium (see photos). It has a retractible roof...a good thing because it poured rain last night.

Gabe asked if I could stay with the team longer because he started both games in left field and the Brew Crew beat Colorado in both of those contests. I know that my presence didn't mean a thing but...

Please pray for Corey Koskie, another former Blue Jay now playing with the Brewers, as he makes his slow recovery from a concussion suffered earlier in the season. Thanks!


  1. Dear David... Nice to hear you in there again.
    I thought that you were getting so frustated that you were discouraged!!

    I just got back from Katy's after working ten hours.

    It was such a dull day today that I didn't get any pictures!!

    I can see though that some of the trees are already putting on their fall colors!
    I don't like to see that so soon!....From Terry

    We will be praying for Corey..

  2. leo is so into the end of the season ball games ... he's followed Gabe's career ever since he was a rookie ... it's great that these guys love the Lord and remain faithful ...

    did you know that corey's hometown of anola is just a 45 minute drive from our place? the little town (well it's more a village i think) has a sign proudly stating that fact ... :o) ... cute ...

    blessings on the rest of your weekend!