Monday, August 07, 2006

No So Dandy

We saw the following sign on our way to Erie, PA:

WEEDS...Give Them An Inch, They'll Take A Yard

Remind you of anything? Besetting sins? Those seemingly innocent things that, when left untended, can take control of a life?

Don't give Satan a foothold! Give him one small (???) part of your life and he'll keep subtly/slyly working on the rest.

Now tell me, did I spell "subtly correct of is there an "e" in there?


  1. It seems that our back yard is a living sermon illustration. Just like sin, weeds are evil. :)

  2. Yes... I KNOW they are destructive David...but I just spent the week taking pictures of some of "God's Bouquets" at Katy's. Do you think weeds are OK if they are living where theys SHOULD be living out in the country fields? They ARE pretty.

    As far as dandelions are concerned to me they are a welcome sign of spring after a long cold winter.And the bees sure do make a use for them as they gather the pollen to feed the honey workers!!

    When my dad was little and in a family of 13 children, his mom used io pick the dandelion stems and cook them for the children, Yuk!!!Hmm... Maybe those weeds aren't so cool after all!!!...from Terry