Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bloglossary...Endearing Terms of the Craft

Bloggers have our own collection of terms which we use in our craft. Tonight I ran across a web site which is a glossary of blogging terms. Check it out at:

I'm working on my own list of terms. It will be a take-off on various scriptures but I must admit, it will be aimed at my blogging friends who aren't too "regular" with their posting.

A few samples:

"Look to the ant, you bloggard!"

BLOGGARD - One who is lazy about writing new posts.

"He (Brodie) is suffering from blogstipation!"

BLOGSTIPATION - A condition that keeps bloggers from being "regular".

"She added a post to her blog, post haste, without taking much thought about what she was writing!"

POST HASTE - Quickly posting things without putting much thought into them. Often done just for the sake of getting something "new" onto a blog.

"His blog looks pretty boring. It's really 'pictureless' and not very picturesque."

PICTURELESS - Blogs with few or no photos or graphics.

That's a start! More later!

P. S. Get the hint, Brodie?


  1. David...I'm so glad soemone is on Brodie's case to write more.. Someone has to be..

    Have you seen the house 11 boys lately? By the sounds of your blog you haven't been in Ptbo in ahwile.. Glad to hear you're keeping well!


  2. ouch! Is there anyone else you can pick on David? Anyone?!!! Keep it up, you might hit a nerve hard enough to convince me to log in and type something for a post!

  3. David... I just do not know where you get all the energy!!!
    Enough energy to write good blogs and a lot left over to pick on poor Brodie.

    Just be glad the poor lad is a least reading YOUR posts and commenting even though you are ALWAYS picking on him!!....from Terry

    And besides I wonder if you even read our comments.. I got no answer from you about the poem...