Thursday, August 10, 2006

Daddy's Dear Deere Dead

After 12 years of faithful service to its owner, John Deere died this week. The funeral will be held today at our grass infested home in rural Cavan. They're coming to take him away in a pick-up truck with a trailer attached. The procession will make its way to Greendale, just outside Omemee where they'll attempt to revive the poor old guy.

A younger, stronger, wider, more powerful replacement is on its way.

John has been such a faithful friend. He took the grandkids on many a ride down along the trail through the bush. He also took Matthew and Nathan down our country road, stopping to let them pick up debris along the way. The boys loved our annual clean-up trips in the spring. John was so patient throughout all these years. He actually died almost 12 years to the day since he became part of our family.

Many of my e-mails over the years were the result of thoughts the Lord gave me while spending time with John.

Hopefully I'll receive just as much inspiration from John's replacement (pictured). I was able to get a portrait of the new John. Out of respect for our deceased friend, I will refrain from posting his picture.

Rest in pieces John! You were a faithful friend!


  1. *chuckling* ... yes R.I.P. John ...

    now that we're renting, leo doesn't have to cut the grass, which he appreciates (it was getting really really tough on his back!) ... today our landlord had his john deere out, mowing a couple of acres to make the place look neat & tidy again ... :o) ... that's a definite good thing about renting!

  2. Hey David..This story is almost as sad as the story about the dimise of the Pilsbury Doughboy! You can probably "Google" it and find the whole unhappy tale somewhere in the obits ...Ha!! From Terry

    Saija and I are, I guess pretty heartless wouldn't you say David??
    All I have to say aboput THAT though is that great minds think alike!!