Sunday, August 13, 2006

Falling Into the Arms of Depression

The following post by my blogging buddy from Texas, David, is a sad lament concerning the subtle advances made by depression. As one who continues to wage war on the big "D", I was challenged by my friend's words. Hear what he has to say, inspired by the Spirit of God:

To a friend...

It is sad to hear
that you are still in the arms of depression.
He is a deceitful lover.
He invites you into his arms so subtly.
You think you are being comforted,
while he sucks all of the juice out of your brain.

Some do battle with depression,
others give up and listen to the siren song.
They go deeper and deeper into his arms
until there is no light.

There is light on the other side.
A tiny starburst,is trying to break through the abyss.
Open your heart to the light.
Trust that there is hope,
grace, and peace.
Believe that the light
is a better lover
than the darkness.

- David Michael (Barnett)

1 comment:

  1. Dear David..This poem by your friend will surely come in handy on a "rainy" day, the next time I am depressed.
    It doesn't happen too often but when it does, I find it really hard to conquer..
    Your friend, Saija has been a big help and I have to thank you for introducing her to me....From Terry