Friday, August 11, 2006

God's Security Check

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My friend Chuck Gianotti, a pastor in the Rochester, NY area, sends along the following thoughts. Please e-mail him if you would like to subscribe to his excellent E-Med(itations).

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Date August 11, 2006 Issue #282

God's Security Check

Dateline August 11, 2006.

Security in airports around the US and England have tightened. A terrorist plot has been uncovered which was designed to destroy multiple airplanes traversing the Atlantic Ocean by mixing some otherwise benign chemicals in the planes washroom. Now in an effort to deter other possible attacks, passengers can no longer bring some common liquids, even bottled water, in their carry on bags. Before long, the allowable carry-ons may be reduced to only the clothes the traveler wears. I can imagine the complaints will be many-mostly by those who think of their own immediate comforts of life.

It makes me think of those who believe they can sneak stuff in their "carry-ons" when they take their final journey, the flight to the throne of God, when they die. The security guard of heaven is God himself at the final judgment. His x-ray eyes search deeply, "nothing in all creation is hidden from his sight, all things are exposed and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give an account" (Heb 4:13). All contraband will be found out, sin of all kind. And the Screener is particular sensitive to the most hideous and dangerous contraband of all, self-righteous good deeds-that is, those things done specifically with the goal of earning one's way into heaven.

Such individuals will immediately set off the alarm of heaven, the wrath of God. They will be subjected to the ultimate strip search in which everything will be completely stripped away and they will be sent to eternal prison. Only those "clothed" with the righteousness of Christ (Gal 3:27) will pass through heaven's security barrier. They are the ones who have abandoned their efforts of finding righteousness through their own good deeds, and have put their faith and trust Christ's eternally righteous sacrifice on the cross for their sins, and receiving forgiveness. The Bible says they now have the righteousness of Christ, kind of like being clothed in His righteousness, not their own.

Are you ready for going through God's security check point? If not, look to what Jesus Christ did on the cross for you. He took your place and receive the full wrath of God against sin, so that you wouldn't have to. His forgiveness is complete for those who humble themselves before him and receiving Him into their lives. Are you ready?

by Chuck Gianotti (

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  1. Dear David...This is so good, I will definably subscribe to his site..

    I was saved when I was can read about me in Luke 15 !
    When I came to the Father as a lost sinner He RAN towards me and flung His arms around, me forgave me. He put a new robe on me and even shoes on my feet and ring on my finger and He took me home to a big BIG party!!
    I was lost but now I am found!!

    Your friend is surely right when he tells us in his write-up that a Christian is clothed with the righteousness of Christ...the beautiful spotless wedding garments that we will be wearing in heaven. In fact, I guess seeing as we already have them on in this world we will be wearing TO heaven!!.....from Terry