Wednesday, August 30, 2006


This morning I picked up a new book at our local Christian bookstore, Emmaus Family Books.

Authored by Mark Hall, lead singer and songwriter of CASTING CROWNS, the book tells the story behind many of this award-winning singing groups songs.

As I'm a little old-fashioned and behind-the-times in some people's minds, I must confess that CASTING CROWNS' music and the testimonies of their members has always impressed me and blessed me.

Their songs hit home and have a stirring message. Mark Hall is the youth pastor at a large Baptist Church and has had an effective ministry both at the church and on the road with CASTING CROWNS.

Even though I haven't cracked the book open yet, I'm recommending it based on the integrity of this group and its members.

That's saying a lot. As you know, I'm an avowed Southern Gospel nut and would choose a George Beverly Shea concert over a Hawk Nelson any night.

If you haven't heard CASTING CROWNS, pick up a CD at your local Christian bookstore and enjoy "The Voice of Truth".

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  1. You like George Beverly Shea too David?!

    He was always my hero when I was growing up.

    Long before I had discoverd Southern Gospel, I was playing those nice vinyl records that we used to have..

    My room used to be filled with the big booming bass of George Bev.
    I use to play the song that he used to sing, Tenderly He Watches Over Me" almost every morning.
    What a way to start out the day!!

    Alas! Poor George Bev has taken the back burner for the last few years to Southern Gospel..

    You know what David Fisher, I am going to look up all those records I have of him and convert them over to discs!!

    One of my big regrets in this life was almost being able to go to a George Bev Shea concert in Niagara Falls..just 11 miles away from Welland!.
    The Saturday that he sung was on the same weekend that Norm Flagg was taking a whole bus full of people to North Carolina to the "Singing By the Sea" concert, which had been planned several months ahead.

    Again an excellent posting David...From Terry