Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Good Night Mr. Sun

Thank you, Terry, for this incredible shot of the sun bidding farewell to our part of the world.

Must be tough being an atheist and having nobody to thank when you see such spectacular sights.

What a mighty God we serve! The heavens declare His glory...


  1. Yes. I agree with you David..I find it so hard that Katy doesn't believe in God...She lives in the midst of such great beauty..
    Her Grampa was a preacher and she owns a really old Bible that belonged to him.

    Hopefully she will see that Betty and I are Christians and one day start to ask us questions...

    I was so surpised one evening that she turned on President Reagen's funeral service. and we watched it together. The president's son spoke a clear gospel and Katy didn't say anything but she didn't turn it off either.
    I thanked her more than once that she put it on because although Bernie was taping it for me at home, I really appreciated watching it live. It was almost like being there.....from Terry

  2. that is just a beautiful shot, isn't it?