Monday, August 28, 2006

Welland Sunset

Lately when I try to post a picture on the Pilgrim Scribblings blog, I get more frustration than satisfaction.

The sunset taken by Terry (Teresa) down in the Welland, ON area "took" on my first attempt. Hallelujah!

Keep taking those excellent photos, Terry, and thanks for your comments.

Have a good and godly week, trusting the Good Shepherd every step of the way!

And, by the way, I DID NOT take the shot of the bald eagle in my Saturday post. I'm not that quick and not that good with my camera yet. I'm working on it though!



  1. Dear David..How come the pictures always look so much better on your site?
    I do believe you have the magic touch!

    Yeh.. I wasn't surprised that that eagle wasn't yours.. You would have never cut the poor guys' feet off!!

    And you are SO good at the pictures you have taken with your camera!!...From Terry

  2. Beautiful blog! Glad Barb did the name-game; great opportunity to do some blog surfing!


  3. Hi David... Yeah, it's been frustrating lately trying to post pictures to blogger... argh... But for photos which are already online, I do have the 'formula' for posting them anyway, whether Blogger is cooperating or not. If you'd like to have it, just email me and I'll send it to you... Blessings, Debra