Friday, August 11, 2006

Mission Statement

Fellow bloggers, if you were to state the purpose of your blog what would it look like? How would it sound? Would you have trouble defining and articulating it? Why not think about it and take a stab at it.

After thinking about this for an hour or two, here's an initial stating of the purpose of PILGRIM SCRIBBLINGS:

Mission Statement:

"Pilgrim Scribblings exists to provide an outlet for the author to set forth his beliefs, reflections, thoughts, struggles and victories and to provide a forum for discussion on all these matters. All scribblings are not overtly 'Christian' but the ultimate purpose and goal is to bring glory to God and show how He reveals Himself in the everyday occurrences of life."

Of course this is a dynamic statement, not something that is static and unchanging. I'd like to see the Mission Statements of many of my blogging buddies so please think about this and let me know.

Thanks and God bless!


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  1. The real reason that I started my blog site David is mainly because of my Katy..
    Katy is not a Christian and doesn't even like the subject to be brought up and because I am just a worker there, I have to be very careful.The only thing I can do is live it before her.. The shame of it though!! She is 85 and not saved..
    Well that is when I thought..I will write a few articles about her...nice ones and bring them for her to read. Some of my earlier blogs I tried to bring the gospel out in some of the articles that I put in.
    I copied it out for Katy and gave it to her.She read the whole thing of course including the John 3:16 card that my friend Leona had made. Plus the little write-ups about Warren Parker and how we KNOW that he is heaven and the picture of Warren ,Anthony and Doug Riley on one of Katy's sunsets with a little bit of scripture telling us for sure that we know where these beloved brothers are after they left this world..

    Well David that is why I mainly created a blog but I am the one that is truly blessed. Not only do I have a Kentucky connection of Christians bloggers that I write to but I now have a "Fisher" connection and I thouroughly enjoy writing to- did you say "ten" of your readers.?.. Naw I write to half a dozen of them!!!

    And who would have thought that out in the middle of the prairies that I would have met such a nice Christian couple who KNEW David Fisher?!!
    I would have to say that the blog world is truly a small world!!....from Terry