Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sin Abounds...But Grace Abounds More

We continue to grieve the loss of innocent young lives in the aftermath of the shootings at Nickel Mine, PA. Carol and I have traveled to this part of the country many times and we have grown to love the Amish people.

We have stayed in the home of Amish friends and our friendship with these dear people continues to this day. Yesterday Carol called Lydia to ask if any of her family were impacted in any way. She told us that their son was a member of the Emergency Response Team that was in place at the site and re-iterated how this senseless act has brought people together in Lancaster County.

Please pray for the families of those who have lost loved ones. The young girls who are still clinging to life need our prayers. If they survive they may have significant medical and psychological issues for a lifetime.

My friends Stephen and Brooksyne Weber live in Amish Country (Mount Joy, PA) and interact with their Amish friends in a loving, caring way. They often drive their neighbors to appointments, etc.

The following prayer appeared yesterday on the Weber's web site. Their site is entitled DAILY ENCOURAGEMENT NET. Drop by for a visit or sign up for their week-day devotionals by e-mail.

Daily prayer:

"Father, our hearts are so heavy and sleep did not come easily last night as we thought about parents sitting by the hospital bedside of their daughters fighting for their lives. Even as I pray today I find myself shaking my head in wonderment that such horrendous acts of violence are being committed year after year upon our innocent children. We seek You for understanding, healing, comfort and renewed hope in the midst of such intense tragedy. We ask for Your guidance as law officials continue the investigation. You're such a present help in times of trouble and I pray that You would still the fears of the children exposed to this heinous crime. Bless the emergency workers who responded to the tragic scene and heal their troubled memories. Comfort those who mourn the loss of their children, and the children who mourn the loss of their friends. May swift healing come to those recovering from the gunshot wounds. Minister Your sustaining grace and supernatural peace to Mrs. Roberts and her children during this horrible hour. May we witness countless acts of goodness that will result from this evil act, for we will not be overcome by evil but we will overcome evil with good. Amen."

And...don't forget to pray for these dear Amish people who are reeling from this sad debacle. THANK YOU!

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  1. these sweet folks are being such a witness with their forgiving spirit ... absolutely amazing ... the news reports bring tears to my eyes as the amish witness with quiet dignity as they continue to hang on to their faith ...