Monday, October 02, 2006

Cookie Grandma

The following incident took place several years ago but bears repeating:

Carol had phoned me to tell me that had tried to get some groceries but there was no money in our bank account. I hate getting those calls. As I've said before, "living by faith...on the edge...can make you edgy."

I told Carol to wait 'til the mail came and perhaps there would be a miracle. Later I picked the boys up at school and decided to stop at the "Cookie Grandma's" house in the hamlet of Mount Pleasant. We all went in to see Dorothy Blake. After the boys said their perfunctory "hellos", they went outside to play. Dorothy, who the boys fondly refer to as the "Cookie Grandma", asked me how things were going financially. I told her about Carol's phone call and my frustrations surrounding these situations.

Mrs. Blake related how the Lord had got her attention that morning while she was doing her banking and impressed our need for some assistance on her heart. Accordingly she withdrew a fairly generous sum of cash from her account and took it home. When I told her of the grocery scenario she went to her buffet to get something. Sensing that this would be an excellent "teaching opportunity" for Matthew and Nathan I called them in.

I quizzed them on the phone call I received and they knew full well what our situation. Then I told them what the "Cookie Grandma" had been led to do. This whole "living by faith alone" lifestyle has its heartaches and its uncertainties but when God sovereignly moves in these miracle moments, we have to stand back and declare,
"this is the Lord's doing and it's marvellous in our eyes." (Psalm 118:23) KJV

Recently Dorothy Blake had to sell her home and move into a retirement facility in Peterborough but she still keeps some cookies on hand.

Thank God for the "Cookie Grandma's" He uses to accpmplish His purposes!


  1. How wonderful a story.. Angels in my life have done just that before.. whether financially, food, or a listnening ear!

    Wonderfully encouraging!


  2. Amazing what happens when we just step back and let God provide...I know that I struggle with this and there are too many times where I try to "do it myself" and worry rather than sit back and let God handle it.

    I'm slowly learning...slowly getting better in this area! Thanks for the reminder!

    Do you write down all your blessings and miracles? We started a book (at our pastor Rick's encouragement) and every time we receive a blessing, miracle or gift, we write it down. It helps, because then when you're going through a rough time, you can look back and remind yourself that He does indeed just the right time!