Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bear One Another's Burdens

Many of my blogging buddies or, the "Fisher connection" as Terry has called you, have communicated with Becky from The Faith Expedition in the past. She has not posted since June 14th and I've been concerned. A couple of e-mails went unanswered but Becky wrote me last night and shared some of her situation with me. She is going through rough waters. Her "faith expedition" is just that...a journey into grief and sorrow, yet her destination has been forever settled in heaven.

Please go to The Faith Expedition, click on Becky's profile and you will find her e-mail address. Please write her SOON (right away) and assure her of your love and prayer support. She needs your prayers and she needs to know that you care for her.

Thanks for bearing one another's burdens for in doing so we fulfil the law of Christ. - Galatians 6:2

Go ahead now...write Becky a note! THANK YOU!

Note: This incredible picture of autumn splendor appeared on Becky's blog last October! Wow!


  1. i click on becky's blog often, wondering what is going on in her life ... she wrote such heartfelt blogs which encouraged my own walk of faith ...

    i'll go click over there now ...

  2. I'll be sure to head over to Becky's blog!

    Just to clarify David, it was Terry who coined the phrase the "Fisher Connection". You're going to be in trouble when she gets back over here and sees that you gave me the credit!! :)