Friday, October 13, 2006

Simple, Yet Profound

Found this little quote among the comments on Saija's Thro' A Glass Darkly blog. I don't even think Eija was intending to be profound. The thought is so simple that we usually overlook it.

Here it is:

"Life is now - tomorrow is unknown. "

Thanks, Eija!

"Father, help us to live in the present, forgetting the past and trusting You with our future. You have given us today!
May we live it to the fullest for Your glory!


  1. if we could only all live in the present!

    love your pics, by the way ... :o)

    i talked to Debra today ... they are without power in her neck of the woods and they might not get it back until monday! yikes - that weather!

  2. Oh, wow... Found you accidentally, when I happened to be checking if someone had linked to my blog.

    Thank you for the compliment... I can't really take all the credit for the thought. A friend of mine, a Finnish missionary, has composed a song called Elämä on nyt - Life is now. It was a sort of revelation for me, too, since I'm often wasting all my energy worrying and wondering about the future - so much that I forget to live now!

    So I added only the last part. To remind me that I don't know what tomorrow will bring, and it's good that way. No need to worry, things will come and happen in God's time.

    Blessings to your day!