Friday, October 13, 2006

Old, Yet Ever New

Here's a short poem I penned back in May. I found it on one of my other blogs this morning as I was looking for something else.

Overwhelm us...
Overcome us...
Let Your presence fill this place;
Fill my ransomed heart with wonder God of mercy and of grace.

- David W. Fisher, May 2nd 2006

1 comment:

  1. So beautiful David. I am going to make Grampa Yade a copy.

    I STILL wonder why YOU haven't got a book in the making!

    People were always telling Grampa Yade for years to write a book and he finally did.
    I am going to ask him for a signed copy for you and mail it with Mr. Paisley's book.
    Then it will encourage you to write your own book[s]!

    Grampa Yade first started to write short stories for the "Messages of God's Love" Sunday School papers..

    Take care now and catch you later!!
    As you can see, I am gradually getting caught up Fish!!...from Terry

    Mr. Yade's book is called, "From Grampa With Love"