Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just Wondering

Last night I was nosing around in the basement trying to find a strange, pungent odour that was wafting up into the kitchen area. Crouched in the corner of the root cellar I found this funny-looking creature.

Please contact me if anyone out there "nose" what this is. I'm puzzled!


  1. Rodney:

    Yes, it must be! Although American Mafia crime magnate Jimmy Hoffa has been missing for years. I'm sure some of my 10 readers will think I'm serious and that I actually found this guy in the basement. Glad you could see my crazy sense of humour.

    God's best to you down under. He is good!


  2. Alright David...I have been missing Bernie for about a week. How did he ever get so far away? Just imagine..YOU found him!!
    Too bad though there is no reward being offered at this time.
    After all pay day is STILL a week and a half away!!...From Terry

  3. Terry:

    You're just as crazy as Rodney is! Who knows what I'll find if I look in our other root cellar? Maybe Bernie's long lost twin brother. Thanks for all your encouragement, Terry. May the Lord continue to bless you!

    In His love,


  4. Well, if I was in Kindergarten, I would say, "Hey, it's Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street. But now I'm thinking it's a picture of what I will look like when I'm 95. You know they say your ears and your nose NEVER STOP GROWING!
    I hope it's not a ninety-five year old troll that's been hiding out down there this whole time.

    tee hee,
    E. Natalie
    P.S. I worked 12 hours steady in the office today, so I'm just a bit giddy, please forgive.

  5. Never mind David Fisher...Where is YOUR long lost twin bother, "William Wilberforce Fisher the IV, the guy who hates Southern Gopsel Music?
    Maybe HE is hiding out in the root cellar.
    After all when you wrote about him on July 17th, you promised to tell your seven readers[yeh only 7 readers then] a little bit more about him on future postings and you DIDN'T!!
    HIS nose has been way out of joint ever since!!..Ha!! From Terry

  6. Oh my! That's about the wierdest animal I've ever seen.... the poor little guy... :) Wish I could tell you what it is! (Maybe he got into a fight and his nose bore the brunt of it?) Blessings, Debra