Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lest We Forget

I love the Amish people. We have friends in Lancaster County who we enjoy visiting.

This picture of a funeral procession is gut-wrenching.

What a tragic week for these dear people! Such forgiving folks!

Any0ne who wishes to contribute to a trust fund which has been established to help the grieving families can send a donation to:

Nickel Mine School Victims Fund
c/o Hometown Heritage Bank
P. O. Box 337
Strasburg, PA 17579

Thanks for your prayers on behalf of these people!

Please remember the widow and the children of the one who carried out this heinous crime. That's what the Amish community is asking for.

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  1. Dear David...I heard something on the Canadian news that as the reporter said..."Tucked somewhere in one of those buggies in the funeral line was the wife of the man that had committed the crime, because the Amish wanted to show their fogiveness".

    What a touching example of the Lord Himself... Father forgive them...
    Our finite minds cannot understand how the Lord could fogive US and how the Amish people could have had such forgiveness.
    Such strength HAD to have come from God...