Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another Beautiful Day on "The Rock"

Wow! What a day here in Newfoundland! We heard that this was the only part of Canada that wasn't experiencing rain today! We had an incredible drive north from St. John's to Gander and then on to Lewisporte.

We drove out to Twillingate this afternoon where you can see icebergs and whales at certain times of the year. What a beautiful spot! I took a few shots of some of God's handiwork! I can certainly see why Newfoundland is called, "The Rock".

The best thing about the trip has been my ability to relax and allow my body (and mind) to be refreshed and renewed. I found myself getting a little uptight when we got behind a slow (and I mean SLOW) driver but I told myself to settle down and relax...we were in no hurry.

I didn't think we'd have a wireless connection here at the camp where David Kennedy is speaking but we do! Now I can get updates on who's winning the Mets/Cardinals ballgame.

Well, enough for now. It's been a great day and I've been reminded time and time again that God is good!
Top photo...Looking out from Joey's Lookout (Joey Smallwood) over Gambo.
Bottom photo...Looking out over the ocean from Twillingate. No whales or icebergs at this time of year. Beautiful sight!

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  1. Now don't tell me David that you DIDN'T take these pictures!

    They are so nice and BLUE!!
    Nothin' beats a Sony camera!! Ha!! NOTHING..I think?!! From Terry