Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sally Gets A Check-Up

After much prompting and nagging (from me), my friend Julie has written an excellent "post" on Sally's check-up. "What's he talking about?", you say. Sally is Julie's schoolbus. If I named her, she would have been called "Stubby". That's what I call those short, sawed off, stubby school buses.

The other morning I was leaving my night job at Christian Horizons (right next to Andy & Julie's building) and Julie was hammering Sally with a mallet. How cruel, I thought. I knew she was carrying out her morning check-up to make sure that everything was working properly before starting her day, her school bus run.

I challenged Julie to use that for a launching thought and write about our need for daily check-ups to ensure that we will make it through.

Check out Julie's "post" at Sweet Inspirations.

Note: That stubby bus behind the tree is Sally. Next to her is the little silver Toyota Echo that is used by Christian Horizons, Houses 9 and 11. Next to the Echo is Andy & Julie's new Dodge Grand Caravan which Julie wrote about earlier. Usually my car would be next to the van but I mustn't have been working when Julie snapped this shot.

Now hurry over to Sweet Inspirations for that great article.


  1. Thanks for the kind words David! Glad you liked it...I couldn't get the words from my brain to the computer like I wanted...must have been a "glitch" (with me, not the computer!!)

    Maybe I should call the bus Stubby Sally?? She may be small, but she can still stop traffic when her lights are flashing!!

    I'll have to keep of these days when you're parked next to our van I'll have to get a picture...


  2. Julie-What power eh? You in your bus can stop traffic.. Funny... Lizzie