Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Reminder...

Dear Friends:
I just went into my Pilgrim Scribblings template, copied the entire text and pasted it to a Word document. Once a month I'll update it. This way I won't lose the content if something unforseen happens.

One of my blogging buddies expressed a concern that if she went into her template she might accidentally lose her posts. I suppose that's a possibility if you press a wrong key but it shouldn't pose a problem.

I'm feeling much safer now that I've copied and pasted my template! Hope you follow my lead.

Have a great and godly weekend!

In His love,


1 comment:

  1. That's good thinking. Only one techie-advice:

    Don't paste it into Word or any other text-processor. Yes, you can store it there, but if you need it some day, don't copy-paste it into your blog from there. It probably won't work. The best place to save the copy of the html is Notepad (in .txt -form) because it saves absolutely no formatting that makes the html crooked.

    With Word, not even saving the file in .txt or .rtf -mode helps. They still contain elements that are not good for the html code.