Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tree Theft

Terry, the Canadian Blogger, put me up to this. She couldn't understand why I hadn't stolen one of jel's incredible photos from her site entitled My Place. Check it out!

Well here you go, Terry! Satisfied?

I can't just post a picture of a tree without asking my 11 readers (including Brodie) to give me a "catchy caption" for the photo.

Come on friends! Get creative! What should this picture be called?

Perhaps there'll be a prize for the winner. With the number of readers I have, if all 11 of you submit something you'll have a 1 in 11 chance of hitting the jackpot. Submit multiple captions and your chances improve.

Well it's late and I've scribbled enough. This pilgrim is tired and sore!

And, by the way, have you wandered over to "the Barnabas Blog" recently? I'm committed to posting a "fresh" encouragement entry every evening (or morning). I was just trying to use the letter "e".

Good night! Sleep tight! Don't lay awake worrying about your problems. Give them to God! He can handle everything you "cast on Him" and He's going to be up all night anyway.



  1. I don't know David...."Lacy Limbs" was the best name I ever heard for a leafless tree.
    It would be hard to beat that one and besides there are only ten readers and Brodie who should enter this contest. No fair if Jel wins by naming her OWN tree!!

    I will have to think about this when my mind is more rested!!...From Terry

    Hmm...This might be one tree that will bring that Brodie out ot the wood work!!

  2. Hey, do i get to play, and i have a name for it all ready :P

    if you don't hear from me for a few day we are in a ice storm now!

    take care!

  3. Good morning, Terry, Pilot Mom and jel. Thanks for your quick response. Thanks, jel, for not charging me with theft. Thanks for the compliment, Terry, concerning "lacy limbs". Pilot Mom, "Filigree Veil" sounds very sophisticated. You may have a winner their if Brodie doesn't jump in with something. jel, you can submit your name. Just because it's your picture doesn't mean you'll win. I thought of "naked nature" but that's pretty lame.

    Have a great day, three of my faithful readers.

    Drop by to "the Barnabas Blog" later. I've got some ideas brewing here.

    Allow the Lord to teach you great things today. It's a new day with incredible opportunities to share His love with a lost and broken world.

    You mean a lot to me!

    David, the pilgrim

  4. that jel really does have some awesome photo's!!!

    misty handiwork ...

    my head is filled with "moving, praising, packing, praising ... " so i must scoot!

    blessings to you!

  5. this is what I name it
    Foggy Winter Mist!

    I just got the power back, don't know for how long !

    have a great weekend y'all

  6. My caption would be "Sunlight (Sonlight?) In The Midst Of The is a great picture...I love how the sun seems to be coming up, taking away all of the darkness and fog, making things "clear" again!


  7. I like the alliteration with all the "e"s!
    As for a caption, my mind isn't thinking of anything clever right now, but I'll keep thinking! to the barnabas blog-


  8. Hey David Fisher....Have you declared a winner yet? I haven't heard a thing!!
    I like Julie's the best!...from Terry

  9. Hey David...incredible picture.

    The name that came to mind when I first saw it was Trees in the Mist.

    I can't wait to see other suggestions.

    Be well my friend!