Friday, December 01, 2006

They Just Don't Get It

My friend Greg Asimakoupoulos, an excellent writer and pastor, posted the following poem on his site, Rhymes and Reasons, today:

A Politically-Correct Holiday is a Humbug

It's Christmas, but (for what it's worth)
what's grounded in the Savior's birth
is buried neath a holiday
politically correct.

The teachers call it Winter Break.
That makes me mad. For goodness sake,
two billion people in our world
are followers of Christ.

It seems to me a bit absurd.
We sing of Santa's flying herd,
but when it comes to caroling
it is a silent night.

I'm warned about the way I greet
the ones this month I chance to meet.
To wish them "Merry Christmas" is
considered quite uncouth.

Those life-sizes creches on the square
have been outlawed. It's so unfair.
The First Amendment guarantees
my right to celebrate.

Good Lord, these changes make me sick.
What once was yours is now St. Nick's.
The meaning of the virgin's child
is hardly understood.

If only I could help folks see
just what this season's meant to be.
Then maybe, Lord, the world would know
the peace you came to give.


  1. Amen to that! One of my favorite Christmas songs is "Put Christ back into Christmas". I know it's not a true carol, but the message is very clear.


  2. Dear David....I am glad to find someone that shares my feelings in this matter and at least two people who agree so and anonymous...It is true in the public schools the Christmas concert is no longer "Christmas" but "Winter Concert"...They are trying their hardest to get Jesus OUT of the school system.
    I was so happy a couple of years ago when I was asked to video tape a little girl's Christmas program at a Catholic school and find that the WHOLE conert was all about the birth of the Lord Jesus and some of it about even His death for us. Just to hear the sweet voices of these five and six years olds singing about Him was such a pleasure.

    Not that I am against Santa mind you but that old guy wasn't even mentioned once in that whole CHRISTMAS concert.
    Ha! as Whitey used to say to Beaver. on "Leave it to Beaver", Santa was just some guy's father dressed up with a pillow under his shirt!!..Actually he DID say "old man" but I never have liked that expression so I substituted "father" to be polite!!

    It used to be so nice on a winter's night when we were kids going from house to house singing Christmas carols. And NOT for money either. It was just something that the Golden kids loved to do. For a few days at least they were staying out of trouble and were four good kids instead of one good kid and three bad..[Betty was ALWAYS a good kid{usually}]!

    Well I think I have had my say. I was so glad to read this poem David!! What you DON'T find for us David is amazing!!... Always a pleasure to visit you Pilgrim and friend, David Fisher!! From Terry

  3. Terry- you just found someone else who shares your feelings on this!

    I remember when I was in elementary school we would gather in the gym to sing Christmas carols at least once a week in December. I don't think that would go over too well now. You know the saying about how you can't please everyone all the time? It drives me nuts when Christmas events are referred to as holiday celebrations, or a winter concert! Someone for the paper a few years ago wrote on article on how taking Christmas celebrations out of schools, stores, etc was an insult to Christians; I should see if I can track a copy down. Although on a positive note, I've noticed this year that some stores have started displaying "Merry Christmas" banners and cashiers are saying it too, instead of the standard "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings".