Friday, November 03, 2006

Cozy Corner...Just For You

My office colleagues, Mark Hines and David Kennedy, always enjoy coming into my office to chat, talk shop, share notes or pray. There's a special calmness that's present there and I thank God for His provision of such a place. What a gift He has given me!

The chair in the corner is waiting for a special guest like you. The door is open, coffee is nearby, calming music is playing, there's a book (or a thousand) which can keep you occupied if I need to slip out for awhile.

Come and see me! Rodney, just hop on a plane. I'll pick you up in Toronto. Cindy, there are plenty of flights from Chicago to Toronto. Julie, just hop in Stubby Sally and come on down!

The chair is waiting! So am I!

UPDATE: Elizabeth Natalie from the Cedar Chest dropped by this afternoon and relaxed in "the chair". It was good to visit with a blogging buddy. Thanks, Di, for coming in!


  1. That looks like such a comfortable chair!
    I've decorated my work area with all my favourite books, pictures and art, and it's by far my favourite place to relax, read my Bible, study and write! (If only I had so much luck decorating my desk at the newspaper- I'm surrounded by white brick walls!).
    How lucky we are indeed that the Lord provides us with such places!

  2. Dear David ..Ths is well and good inviting these four blogging buddies to your comfortable room and giving them a chance to look at ALL those good books...but what about your other 6 readers.[Yes!! You are BACK to ten readers!] What are we?...chopped liver!! Ha! From Terry