Sunday, November 12, 2006

Words Fitly Spoken

The following was posted on our new "the Barnabas Blog" several days ago. Be sure to come by for a visit as we seek to provide encouragement on the journey home.

The following poem came to me as I drove home from work early this morning:

A word fitly spoken
To a heart that’s been broken
A list’ning ear ready to hear;
Learning to fashion
A touch of compassion
Giving hope where there
Used to be fear.

An encouraging word
Is still too seldom heard
As trials are faced ev’ry day;
So speak words of love
That are birthed from above
From the Giver of life
Christ, the Way.

He brings healing and peace
Sweet joy and release
From the burdens that
Once held us bound;
So trust Him today
And then you can say
I was lost but, praise God,
Now I’m found!

- David W. Fisher, November 11th, 2006

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver." - Proverbs 25:11 (NKJV)

Be encouraged today, dear friends!


  1. beautiful words ... i'm glad you were able to capture them on paper ...

    the picture is lovely too!

  2. Dear David...This is such a touching poem because I know that it comes from your heart and from experience.
    I just hope that you are penning these gems somewhere and that you will not only capture the words as Saija mentioned but that you will also capture the whole poems into a book.
    I really am NOT kidding David!
    Go for it!
    My mom has wrttien several poems in her life and alas has not kept all of them.
    To me that seems like a real loss....From Terry

  3. David, I remember now , you took really cool pictures, and that poem, was AWESome, I think the last time I stoped by you wasn't feeling very good. hope you are feeling better!


  4. I came to this website for the first time today ... what started off looking for a favour has ended my day with warmth and encouragemnet .... thank you so much!!!!