Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Does My Life Matter?

Often our postings provide soul-searching fodder for our readers. The following question eloquently posed and the answer purposefully declared is a perfect example. I'm not going to name the blogging buddy who "penned" these words but the "Fisher connection" who faithfully read many of my links will know who it is! God bless you _ _ _ _ _ ! We are standing with you and we love you very much!

Life's Inevitable Questions:

"If I live my life for Christ - even though it is a quiet life - trying to be the wife that L_ _ needs and helping him along in this chronic pain journey, and if there isn’t much leftover to do the "great things" . . . does my life still matter in God’s house?"

Life's Incredible Determinations:

"If I remain faithful to Him who called me to this journey, and if I believe that I am living out my life doing what was laid before me to do . . . then even if it is only the dust bunnies that witness it . . . I will remain steadfast . . ."


  1. life should be ALL to the glory of God ... regardless of what that life may hold ...


  2. Dear David..The signature of this posting, we of the "Fisher Connection" surely know who it is and we also know how very precious this person is to us.
    This special person really. really matters to us!!
    And so do YOU David Fisher...from Terry