Friday, November 24, 2006

Celebrating Our 2nd Blogiversary

Two years ago, on November 25th, 2004, we launched Pilgrim Scribblings. I will reproduce that first-ever post at the end of this announcement. What a privilege it has been to communicate God's truth and His faithfulness to you during the past two years.

Personally I have experienced more stress, more challenges, more seemingly insurmountable situations than ever before. It has been a difficult two years and I'm understating the facts. Yet, our sovereign God has provided, protected, preserved and continues to perfect as the days have passed.

Thank you for your many comments, your encouragement, your love and support! We praise God for the many new friends we have made over the past two years. We look forward to cultivating even more friendships in the days ahead 'til Jesus returns.

Two weeks ago we launched "the Barnabas Blog", a ministry of encouragement. Please check it out if you haven't already paid a visit.

God has been faithful and will continue to be just that...FAITHFUL!

Here's that initial post from November 2004 entitled

Recently I stopped at a favourite restaurant of mine, hoping to enjoy a quiet, relaxing lunch in the middle of a busy, hectic day of “ministry”. The hostess seated me in a back room away from the buffet area where people were helping themselves.

A few moments later a group of mentally challenged adults, with their caregivers, were seated at a long table next to me. My solitude was short-lived! These people were grunting and groaning, shouting and calling out. Two other families asked if they could be seated in another area of the restaurant when they saw these people arrive. In the midst of the noise, God’s Holy Spirit spoke (or shouted) to my heart. I immediately thought WWJS …”where would Jesus sit?” if He were here. Of course He would be found at the center of that table, showering His love, care and compassion on these dear, precious people. If that’s where Jesus would sit, then I wanted to follow “in His steps” and look upon this intrusion on my “quiet time” as an opportunity to watch God at work.

The caregivers lovingly attended to their clients, helping them with their food and patiently expressing God’s love in a tangible way. The outbursts of these people, created in the image of God, became like a symphony, a choir, to my ears.

I was so intrigued by watching this transpire before my eyes that I lingered at my seat long after I’d finished my meal. As I was leaving, one of these dear people choked on her food and her caregiver handled the situation so well. Tears came to my eyes and I thanked God for my “quiet lunch”.

Oh that we might see people as our loving, compassionate Father sees them! Oh that our hearts might be broken by the things that break His heart! God had noisily got my attention that day!

Let’s look for opportunities today to witness God’s loving care for His people. Let’s ask how we can be His arms extended to His people today, ministering His love, mercy and grace to those who so desperately need His touch! For more information on the organization that these wonderful people are involved with, please check out their web site at:


  1. Gear David..I just left a comment on your blog and came back right away and saw this.
    CONGRATULATIONS again David Fisher!
    Who would have guessed that after two years of faithful blogging you would own your own connection??...From Terry

  2. You know David, the way you describe these precious people reminds me so much of a family of nine lively kids that the Christians in Trenton, Ottawa,and Brandon Man.[out west they used to travel 33 miles] to pick us up for Sunday School week after week and we were one noisy and even fighting group at times and THEY did what Jesus would have done.
    They had the patience and love to just keep picking us up.
    Of those nine kids, I believe that everyone of them except one has been born again and I am sure that "one" will be too someday.
    If they hadn't of cared who would have known where the Golden children would have been in this of year 2006..

    Just a lovely posting David....Love Terry

    You know the song that is playing in my mind is, "If it keeps getting better and better each day, I don't know what I'm going to do!"

  3. Lovely post (er "repost")! Thank you for remembering WWJD and "enjoy" the moment. I'm the mother/caregiver of such a little person that blesses me beyond any measure each and every day.

  4. congrats on the blogaversary ...

    and thank you for your encouragement during the past 2 years ...

    may the Lord continue to bless & lead you as you serve HIM!!!

  5. Congratulations are in order for sure!

    I can remember a few times when people moved away to sit at another table when my brother and I would sit down at a restaurant. He was a Downs and so loving. It would break my heart to see how afraid people were of someone a little bit different. They truly missed out on a little taste of heaven. :)

  6. I've gotten really far behind on my readings, so my apologies for being so late in saying...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
    May there be many more anniversaries to come!