Friday, November 03, 2006

Two Mind Exercises

Here are a couple of mind exercises for you...

Don't answer quickly! Think deeply! Comment when you have come to some conclusions. One of my colleagues challenged me with these this morning. I had to think awhile.

Exercise # 1:

What gifts has God given you which enable you to become or remain humble?

Exercise # 2:

If you could place six (6) objects on a desk or table that would signify YOU...who you are, your character, what you're all about, your personality, your personhood, what would they be? Think about it and give me your answers. eg. - a pair of skates, a book, a picture, a letter.

Go ahead...I'm anxious to receive your responses. THANK YOU!


  1. Wow, Exercise 1 is a lot harder than I thought it would be! I've been thinking about it for a while now. I'll keep thinking it over in the next day or two, and get back to you. I don't think it's a question to be answered lightly!

    As for the six objects that signify me, they were a little easier to think of:
    - a book (because I love to read, and always have a book with me)
    - a horse shoe (because horses have been my lifelong passion)
    - a pair of goggles (I used to be a varsity swimmer, and it’s still something I love to do)
    - my Bible (because I love my walk with the Lord, and reading His Word sustains me)
    - a pair of shoes (I’m known for having a weakness for shoes, especially cute ones on sale! It may sound frivolous, but it’s my one silly trait)
    - a notebook (because I’m always writing)

  2. Dear David.. I have been thinking about this since I got home from work and I am with Lauren-mary.
    I have to do some thinking!
    I have to work tomorrow so I will contemplate it during the day!! I find it really hard to find any gifts there that the Lord has given me, but there HAS to be something there, eh? Maybe it is just that I am not using them..
    ...From Terry

  3. Ahhh...dreaded introspection...o.k. David, here goes. Gifts God has given me (that i am aware of) which have humbled and continue to humble me include; my husband, my children, my bible, my mirror, and my Lord, although not necessarily in that order.

    Six objects that signify my personality / character / personhood, include;
    1. a Gerber Daisy ~ mostly fun to be around, but sometimes has an attitude, and when it gets dry it remembers to bow it's little head and pray.
    2. a Candle ~ wants to shine but needs daily help to light the fire and keep it burning.
    3. a Book ~ loves to read, but has difficulty getting through books because of a disability, so with good intention, collects more books than she will ever read.
    4. a cup of fresh ground Coffee ~ antioxidants and all that...former clinical nutritionist turned coffee connoisseur, and needs the energy to ski down mountains in the winter.
    5. a Pen, or Word Processor (i.e. laptop computer) ~ writes words and music, creating art even if only for her own fulfilment and encouragement.
    6. a Wedding Ring ~ symbol not only of commitment to her spouse, and family, but also to the Lord Jesus Christ who promises to finish her story whe He returns for 'his bride' the church, of which she is a part only through faith in His redeeming sacrifice.

    Six items doesn't quite seem like enough; if allowed, I would add a friend, a parent, and a sibbling, if they would all fit on top of the table that is, and get along while they sat crouching there looking at the daisy, the candle, the book, the cup of cold coffee, the pen, and the ring.

  4. exercise #1 ... maybe the insight to see through someone elses eyes, empathy for their situation and walk -

    exercise #2 ... my wedding ring, my bible, an extended family photo, a box of kleenex, good walking shoes and my driver's license ...