Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Moment of Glory

Last night our local paper, the Peterborough Examiner, had an article about past winners of
the Soap Box Derby races here in my hometown. They were looking for former winners to contact the paper so that the organizers of the SBD could build a wall of honor or something like that.

I e-mailed the local contact person to tell him that I had won the Senior Championship waaaaaaaaaay back in 1959. I also attached this photo. At the risk of severely embarrassing myself, I'm posting it here. Please reserve your comments and hold back your laughter. It was, remember, my moment in the sun, my moment of glory. Yes, it was many, many years ago but I still have fond memories.


By the way, in case you didn't guess, that's me sitting in my car...the Fisher Flash!


  1. You can tell that picture is from the 50's just by looking at the clothes and eye glasses :) Must have been an exciting day.

  2. How fun! Your smile says it all! :) I love looking back at old pics and reminiscing about the fun times. Keep it up!

  3. Thought I's say hello. I found you by searching for Ira B Wilson on Google. I'll be back to read agsin.

  4. I wonder if you might be interested in my Bible Reading Notes, covering the whole of Scripture.
    Best Wishes.

  5. Dear David...When I read this posting the other day and looked at that cute picture, it sent my mind back to the time when the Golden kids lived in Trenton, Ontario in the pmq's, where my dad was stationed.
    We used to be forever making "hot rods" and would be forever searching for "wheels" for them.
    I shouldn't really be telling you this[mind you though David NONE of us were yet Christians...Sunday School children yes, but NOT Christians] one time we had to resort to stealing four tires off of some poor kid's baby stroller!!
    In the DEAD of night!
    Some bad gang we were...all of 9,8.6 and 5 years old!
    Hmm...I DO believe thet Betty was part of that stunt too..Usually she was such a good girl!!
    NOW you know!!....from Terry

  6. That's such a great picture! Thanks for sharing :)