Friday, November 03, 2006

Sage Counsel

One of the Lord's "choice servants"* who significantly impacted my life as a young boy/man was Harold Wildish. He came to our small brethren assembly several times and his ministry was powerful. The following quote is by Mr. Wildish and needs to be trumpeted again in this age of busyness. Father, teach me to appropriate all that You have given me through Your Son, Jesus Christ. AMEN!

"As you leave the whole burden of your sin, and rest upon the finished work of Christ, so leave the whole burden of your life and service, and rest upon the present inworking of the Holy Spirit.

Give yourself be led by the Holy Spirit and go forward praising and at rest, leaving Him to manage you and your day. Cultivate the habit...of joyfully depending on and obeying Him, expecting Him to guide, to enlighten, to reprove, to teach, to use, and to do in and with you what He wills.

Count on His working as a fact, entirely apart from sight or feeling. Only let us believe in and obey the Holy Spirit as the Ruler of our lives, and cease from the burden of trying to manage ourselves; then shall the fruit of the Spirit appear in us to the glory of God."

Harold Wildish, British Bible teacher and missionary to Jamaica, in mid-1900s

* - Remember when preachers, pastors, missionaries and other heroes of the faith were refered to as "God's choicest servants"?

For more on Harold Wildish please click here.


  1. I attended Jeff Twohey's presentation yesterday, and it was fabulous! It was definitely one of the best guest speaker presentations I've been too (he'll get a glowing review in the paper!). I had a chance to talk with him briefly after the presentation, brought up your name and he had glowing praise for you and the work you've done with the team (just wanted to let you know!). Your work sounds so interesting, and I have so much respect for what you do. (Now, don't let all this praise go to your head!).


  2. Lauren-Mary:

    I'm glad you had an opportunity to speak to Jeff. He certainly has been helpful here in Peterborough, giving his blessing on our MONDAY WE HAVE FISH sessions with the team. I won't let the praise go to my head...I hope.

    Keep up the good work and keep looking to Jesus alone.

    In HIs love,