Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Heavens Declare...

Late yesterday afternoon as we were driving home, we watched God's incredible display in the western sky.

In all of my 61 years I had never seen what my granddaughter Victoria described as "sun dogs" frolicking in the sky. I haven't checked out this phenomenon but it seemed as though there were reflections of the son in other parts of the sky. Note added: I've done a Google search and what we saw seems to be "sun pillars". (Check out this link) They were similar to rainbows but without the full spectrum of color. We saw one on each side of the sun. I wished I had my Sony digital with me but, alas, it was at home.

God created us to offer Him worship, bringing pleasure to Himself and to reflect the glory of the Son as we "live and move and have our being." Are you living in such a way that others want to see more of Jesus? Am I?

Earlier in the week, as the son began to disappear on the western horizon, my good friend Paul Mackay captured this shot.

Today looks like another "nice" day. What a "weak" word to describe 24 hours in the service of the King!

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