Thursday, November 02, 2006

15 More To Go

Later this month I'll be celebrating my 2nd Blogiversary. This post is my 985th! My quandry...

Do I space out the next 15 posts so that my 1,000th falls on the anniversary or do I just blog on?

Any suggestions?

It's hard to believe that # 1,000 is coming up.

My friend Brodie is closing in on his 10th post. Just kidding! Sorry Brodie!


  1. That depends....what day is your Blogversary?? If it isn't until the end of the month then that would mean that the pickin's would be pretty slim for us, your faithful readership!

    I personally think that your 1000th post and your second blogversary should be "celebrated" separately...who knows, maybe you could be well past 1000 by the blogversary! :D

    I think that if it took you 2 years to get to 1000, you should aim to do another 1000 in the next year!! (Now there is a challege!)


  2. Blog on. I'd miss your posts too much if you slowed them down.

  3. Yes I agree!!
    We had a little bit of a dry spell a while back on your posts David.
    I thought I was going to have to get after you like you blasted us the one time!!
    You do the counting David. We'll do the reading and the commenting!!....From Terry

    Besides it is not nice to blog four or five times in one day and then take a few days off and DON'T blog!!

    You are picking on Brodie again! Not nice!!

  4. It's okay Terry I deserve it! I know it may seem like 10 but I'm actually at 6000. ooops, my finger lingered on the "0" - it's 60. Still, not much better than 10, and not even in the same "blogosphere" as Mr. Fisher! However, I am just now at 62 - hurry quick, new material there!!!

    (by the way - congrats on your milestones David, just don't become a "millstone" around my neck!)